Please people! Don’t run your iCloud/iTunes/iCloud email/iCloud photo backup to your work computer. You create unnecessary hurdles for me to jump after you get fired, and “Ain’t nobody wanna see that shit!” Also, consider if I were a less scrupulous and ethical human being and chose to leak your very personal data. I now need to prepare a new plan for conducting complete purges of former employee equipment, lock down USB access, create new user groups with only enough permissions for approved applications, create a list of approved applications, and document all this crap. Not to mention rebuild my backup/DR domain controller, generate a new plan for managed anti-virus to unify 2 separate corporate domains, and rewire a server rack in a neater/cleaner fashion for optimal cooling.

Also, don’t be effing disgusting and pop pimples and wipe the residue on your office chair and don’t wear so much make-up that it coats your desk phone, keyboard, mouse, monitors etc. That is an unethical waste of company assets that I either have to dispose of or spend valuable time cleaning.