Yep, it’s friday and Oppo needs some prog-rock :)

See, I am very curious guy, you know that friend that says that he is about to leave your place but as soon as your mom starts telling a story about back in the day he keeps asking questions , yeah that’s me…


Undeniably this curiosity of mine has taken me places places, led me to see things, led me to hear things…

One of the things it led me to hear was this subgenre of rock, just imagine, you are a black dude, that grew up playing basketball and thinks that Illmatic is the best rap album of all time, and you listen to rock, what turn of events would lead you here?

Curiosity, that’s what. So what is Progressive-Rock (Prog-Rock here on)??

It all started with my Father, he was a fan of Pink Floyd and one of the most played albums of my youth was The Wall, I remembered the sounds being theatrical in nature and while I would roll my eyes as soon as Friday came and my Father got back from work, I started to enjoy the song “Education”.


See, way back then Pink Floyd was the sound of the Rebellious Youth, and when The Wall was released our country was just freshly free’d from the colonial rule. Those songs probably reminded my father of that time as a young adult against the system. But this I only came to understand recently when looking back in time.

Anyway, fast forward to the late 2000’s, I don’t remember much about Pink Floyd, and I’m sitting at my dorm room in College, watching an episode of Venture Brothers when an interesting tid-bit comes up.


Dean, Doctor Rusty Venture’s youngest and probably favorite son, ends up growing a bit of a mustache and as a ritual for him becoming a young adult, Rusty decides to baptize him in the fire that is Progressive Rock and offer him a lab of his own.

I have to say, something about Rusty’s way of describing progressive rock, or the psychedelic tone of the introduction to it really caught my eye… I was curious…


So, I set to finding out… I scoured the whole internet for the history of the genre, the must listen albums and then my ULTIMATE one, the one I wouldn’t do without from there on…

This led me to some of the authorities on this subject, forums and top albums lists all over the internet and wherever I could, I would follow suggestions and try them out.


I was a Prog-Rock connoisseur in the making if you allow me to over-indulge :)


This was a trip to within myself, my highs and my lows… See, this is a rhythm that calls introspection, subjects of existence and our place on the universe or society and the subjectivity of our sanity…

I say this, because at points, it took me to me to think differently about my perceived identity, so often based on our preferences, that themselves are mostly dictated by how the world around us expect us to be, maybe even adhere to stereotypes, if you are a young man, black, you probably enjoy playing basketball, makes more sense if you are in college, then for sure you also enjoy rap, it’s like this, if I were to show you a picture of myself you probably expect me to be tall, with large hands, wearing baggy jeans with some Jordan Sneakers or some Timberlands on, or whatever...


I had to come out of this shell of the self image I had slotted myself into, as all young adults in college tend to do, so, no longer shackled by what I am “supposed to be” I am just a young man, just figuring things out about life as I go on, and in that journey I will like some things that are out there, and I might dislike other things that people my age do like, life is a journey and we best service ourselves by just trying out stuff, new stuff, however different and out there they are and simply being ourselves.

…Prog-Rock, driven to me by curiosity… what a thing…

Like my father before me Prog-Rock where the tunes of my rebellion of sorts, against stereotypes and desire to just try new things no matter how out there they are.


Well, even if you are not a Rock fan I highly recommend giving Prog-Rock a try, it might surprise you, its all art and part music.

Without further ado below is my list of the best prog-rock albums of all time, thanks for sticking with me all the way through Oppo ;)


Selling England by the Pound by Genesis

In the Court of the King Crimson by King Crimson

Red by King Crimson

De-Loused in the Comatorium by The Mars Volta

Three Friends by Gentle Giant

Animals by Pink Floyd

The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd (I know, I Know, what a cliché)

If you want a review of each of them, who knows, those might be coming sooner than you know :)

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