I should soon start assembling a wiring harness for my new engine management system. As those are expensive I’m going to share one unit with two different project cars.

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Does anyone have some suggestions for a program that would be useful for designing a wiring diagrams for harnesses? The Atlas LL8/Vortec 4200 has a quite massive original harness and getting the wires mixed up is a possibility if I’m not careful. I don’t have very good documentation for the original harness so I have to reverse engineer most of it. The other engine is much more simple case.

The picture has a wiring harness for an LL8 that has been chopped up and simplified but it still uses original ECU that has been reprogrammed. So That is pretty much the minimum amount of wiring to get the engine to operate properly.


A good program would help me. Ideas? A free one would be of course my preferred choice.

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