Illustration for article titled Progress
Illustration for article titled Progress

More or less got the body filler where I want it. Is it perfect? Nope. But I don’t really have all the tools I need to do this properly nor the patience to get it much better than that. Still, unless you’re practically touching it with your nose the small imperfections aren’t noticeable. This is after one light coat to gauge how smooth the body filler is. The paint match is fantastic. I’m considering doing a complete de-badge of the entire car since I have the ability to get rid of the residual holes, as well as shaving off the embossed text on my side marker lights and giving them a very light tint.


Today I’ll put on a few more base coats and then start with the clear coat and then wetsanding, unless I decide to take off my front Mazda badge in which case I’ll start filling it in.

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