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My garage isn’t that well lit; there’s a 500W halogen light shining on it.

Today, after adding oil to the transmission and adjusting the clutch linkage (skeptical of the ‘spec’ for play at the pedal) I rolled the Chevelle out into the driveway and started it up for the first time in months (no drama there, started right up once gas had time to make it to the carb). I rolled it outside since I’ve made the mistake of starting an engine with new headers indoors once before...

Once things warmed up and the smokescreen cleared from the burning header paint, it was time to see if it would drive.


Naturally, it wouldn’t go into gear, as the clutch doesn’t seem to be releasing the whole way. I think it’s close, since if I put it in gear and held the clutch in it would crank over fairly well, but it wanted nothing to do with engaging any gear, understandably.

A friend and I pushed it back into the garage; at least now that the headers are baked I can start it up inside without much chance of asphyxiation. Tomorrow I’ll adjust the clutch linkage and see if that’s enough to get it to go into gear. I hope that’s all it takes, and it’s not some stupid issue with the throw-out bearing or such.

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