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Reassembly is going faster than the disassembly. The tl;dr is the fenders and all exterior lights not including the headlights are installed. The rear hatch seal is in, and one door seal is kinda-sorta in. More detail below.

Bandit and I got the fenders in place in the most German/American way possible: Calipers and pushing/nudging to get the gaps on each side as close as possible. Though rain hindered us, we got them to a point I was content with. Both sides are within 1mm of one another.

Grabber v Monaco

Taillights and reflectors went in without a hitch. My reverse lights started working (again) for the first time in months and I’m not sure how or why but I’m not gonna futz with them because they work.

The new door weatherstripping is thicker and meatier than the OEM and while it means adhesives aren’t necessary, they need more muscle to fit in their channels without damaging the still-hardening paint. So I’d like to firmly believe the driver side seal is 90% in place but I can work with it later.


But most importantly, my newish Porsche badge works amazingly with the new paint in a happy accident of sorts. Proper 100% originals are gold, but the refinished one I bought off eBay is gray and it just works. I would try and throw this together to drive ASAP but my personal deadline is the Dream Cruise, so I can be patient.

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