Progress and Set Backs

After my radiator kicked he bucket I decided to get a new aluminum radiator.

It’s bigger and better than a factory one especially when my factory one looked like this.


Modifing a car is always harder than putting in OEM parts. In this instance I had to make new upper brackets, and little extensions for the radiator fan.My brother in law made one of the upper brackets. Can you tell they were made by two different people? Mine’s on the left his is on the right.

Today I drilled and tapped the bung for the temp sensor because it was two small.


I was hoping I was done with my radiator install today. Unfortunately I was wrong. Because the new radiator is thinker and longer mounts for the fan, there is no room for the factory fan. It’s rubbing up against the intake tube, and wastegate. So now I have to get an aftermarket fan, and probably fabricobble stuff to make that work.

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