I thought it was clean. I really did. The carpets were clean, the seats un-stained, the paint un-dusty. I was wrong. When I saw this I knew.

Eww. It had the consistency of gum. Body gum. Skin gum. I feared where else it had been lingering. So I cleaned it.

And every other “Touch Point” in the car. The steering wheel, the hand brake the door handles, the shift knob (of which something odd happened to)....


I even ventured under the hood to make it look as clean as possible.


It took nearly no work to get the rear seats and floors looking good:

The front, however, is beyond help.


Yes, those are holes in the mat, and a severely worn dead pedal. I think it is supposed to have something other than carpet covering it. Maybe not. It will soon maybe. Under the mat looks a little better.

I’ll be throwing in some rubber mats for winter anyways, so that’ll cover up the thin spots.


Other than cleaning I did some inventory on things I will need to do and order and buy and do some more, so I have a plan put together. Its not as long as I thought it would be, which is good.

Cleaning the interior has been scratched off, as has filling the flat spare with air. And swapping out the mis-matched wiper blades that was killing my OCD.

Plus I learned that the Camry and Mazda have the same size blades, so that was cool, because I had extras and just clipped them on.


Speaking of the Camry, I noticed a few shortcomings the 3 has in comparison and I will list them here:

  • No adjustable intermittent wiper - Int. Low and High are all I get. But it DOES have a Mist function which the Camry did not.
  • No sunvisor slide-out extensions - It needs them
  • Less torque - feels slower off the line, slower elsewhere as well
  • More rust - Duh its a Mazda3
  • Electronic throttle makes launching... different. But I haven’t stalled or missed a gear yet.


That’s a rear small list of cons I guess, and the pros WAY outweigh them. Do I miss the Camry? No.