Survived the nasty cold over Christmas, got home today and decided to finish getting the Chevelle ready for engine removal. I went a little further than that.

Coworker stopped by to borrow a 3-jaw puller and provide moral and “what the hell is it caught on now” support

With the 307 out and on the stand (not pictured) for the sake of it-has-to-be-somewhere, the next step is to finish stripping parts from the firewall and begin the reconditioning of that area, working forward.

Once free from the chassis, the engine immediately did a 180 to look at where it’s been for 47 years. This made it easy to remove the clutch/flywheel and get it on the engine stand.

Relatedly, I stopped by the machine shop that has my 350 block last week and we finalized the plan for the bottom end. Parts are on order and machine work will begin soon (I’m doing the assembly, but having parts sent there so they can bore/hone accordingly, etc.).

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