Progress leads to issues

Got the engine and trans mated last night:

All went quite well getting the trans in and mated up.

I found 2 problems thus far:

1. My trans does not have a Speed Sensor on the output housing, so I will have to find another 4-speed with the correct housing to swap over.


2. My exhaust does not line up at all, meaning I will be needing to do exhaust work as well.

Kind of depressing as it’s so close to being back on the road.


Went to the JY Thursday after deciding to leave work early (yay 3.5 day weekend), I got the extension housing I needed:

Took a break for family stuff and running around (Jefferson swap meet was Friday) I picked up a full set of SRT4 Wheels for it, they need a refinish (crummy respray, no curb rash), but I figured $40 for a set of 4 with 2 good tires was a decent deal:


Then got back at it Saturday. Had it all together and running by Saturday night, which opened up a couple new issues:

1. My instrument cluster was a mess. None of my gauges worked.

2. The trans is in limp mode. I have all the mechanical gears (reverse, park, 2nd), but it won’t shift outside those.


I managed to get the instrument cluster working right with some simple ECM swapping, so problem 1 is solved. I did some electronics swapping with the van too see if I could sort the trans. I swapped the TCMs which had no effect, but told me the TCM is fine as they both work in the van, neither work in the car. I know it’s not the solenoid pack as I got a brand new BW pack for it before it went in.

I’ll be checking the wiring and other sensors next.

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