Dug deeper into the wiring and computers on the car this weekend (like I have been for a while now), came up with nothing. Everything is working like it should be electronically.

So last night I decided to drop the pan just to do some checking around. What was brand new fluid 100 miles ago, is now brown metallic sludge. This sludge also houses pretty heavy metal particles.

So the reason I haven’t been able to get her to shift is because the trans is junk from sitting.

Now I’m on the fence about what to do next.

1. Take it to the local guy who does great work with them, let him rebuild/build the trans.


2. Tear it all apart again and swap it with the 3.3L 4-speed I can get for cheap (read: come get it out of my driveway you can have it).

3. Pick up a good used trans and cross my fingers.

4. Say to hell with it and go pick this up


I’ve talked with the owner of this, new suspension and brakes, 1 small bubble on one of the rockers, no paint peel, clean inside, has a massive coolant leak (headgaskets most likely). I could pick this up, swap my engine into it, save all the other new parts for spares for either van, and recoup most of my money scrapping the car.