Picking up where I left off, my partner scrubbed the entire exterior with Simple Green & a Scotchbrite pad. She got some of the white paint off and all of the grime & moss, but it still looks like hell.

While she was at that I cut off the old coupler and safety chains, ground down & repainted the tongue, and installed new ones. The first foot is restored, now I just have to keep working backwards. I also started running new wiring.

I also used some spare brackets that came with the new coupler to make some trailer light mounts. Still need to drill holes to mount the lights to them.


I need to run the wiring & install the lights, then locate some better tires and it will at least be safely towable.

Cost so far:

$150 - Trailer

$35 - coupler

$25 - chains, bolts, links

$1 - scotchbrite pad

$0 - trailer wiring loom(from spares box)

$0 - tail light bracket(spare coupler brackets)

Total: $211