Progress on the $500 Miata... Sorta

So I picked up another Miata shell to practice on, before I work on the $500 Miata. This one had already been parted out. It’s clean enough that I am still tempted to work with it long term. I’ll see as I go I guess.

Picked up something at the junkyard. Like my spoiler?


Drove 45 minutes through the country like that. Here it before the trimming:

I tried to get a cleaner roof, but they picked the car up by the roof on the cleaner car and bent the hell out of it. This one will do, I’m going to work on the surface rust before I start welding.

Some fitting:


My good reciprocating saw decided to let the blade lock die... so this is as far as I got last night.


Might actually be able to pull this off. What do you guys think?

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