After the slow progress on the car during the middle of last week, I took to it in earnest this weekend.

Friday night, I finally wrenched the slushbox out since I had it sold already. It was a real pain getting to the top bolts on the bellhousing, but nowhere near as difficult as getting the transmission cooler lines off. At first I was using a line wrench to unscrew them, but it was so difficult that I was thwarted Thursday night and had to figure it out the next day. I looked it up online and it turns out that there are some e-clips that you can take out with a screwdriver that makes the job about fifteen million times easier and faster. Then it was just a case of man-handling it off the dowel pins to the tune of outrageous cursing and busted knuckles. Out she comes.

Saturday was spent shredding the interior. The top pic shows an intermediate point of my work before I got the steering wheel and dash out. Had to rent a steering wheel puller from VatoZone for free. Here is a tip: if you ever plan to remove a dashboard from a 4th gen f body Camaro, just don't do it. It's pretty much impossible to get it out without removing the entire steering column. If you try to get it out without doing that, you will likely crack the thing. Ask me how I know. Also, why are there so many screws screwed in FROM THE BACK?


That's alright, though. I did make some money for my labor, and I didn't even sell any of the interior yet! As I was tearing the center console apart and something caught my eye:

Is that what I think it is?




And that was before I found $37.63 in change under the carpets next to the shifter. Apparently the former owner enjoyed hiding cash and stuffing money in the cracks of their center console.


Sunday was all about preparing the engine for removal sometime this week or weekend. Drained coolant, removed all hoses, disconnected ECU and wires, unhooked power steering cooler, removed A/C compressor and various other lines, ground straps cables and brake shields strut tower bolts and blah, blah, blah so that I could drop the engine with the K-member and all the suspension in one fell swoop.

Wish me luck