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Progress report and Oppopinions sought

You may be thinking that there wasn’t a whole lot of progress made and I would agree. Scattered showers on Saturday really screwed up my plans. I made the decision not to work on the roof so I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting wet again. So, I hung the sheathing between showers and have it mostly dried-in. If the weather holds next weekend, I’ll tackle the rest of the sheathing and the roof. 

As for the front, I have a decision to make and I’m seeking some feedback. You may recall that the original shed plans called for a 4' opening for the door. My mower, which will be stored in here, needs a minimum of 56" in order to fit through the door. This weekend, I cut the right side of the opening, leaving a 66" gap for the door. Great, right? The only issue is that it will be off-center.

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I’m thinking that this might be an advantage since it leaves a 3' deep space on the left side which might be better for some deeper shelves and storage space.


As for the door itself, I’m seriously considering an overhead garage-style door. I have the track and hardware, I just need to make some panels. It’s either that or a pair of standard doors. I brought out the tracks to get a feel for how much space they would consume and realized that I would have to extend the vertical tracks by a couple of feet in order to get the door high enough to be out of my way when the door is opened. I’m not happy with that situation, so I’m still looking at my options.

I’m planning on some windows at the top of the left wall for light and ventilation. The right wall is the west wall, so the siding will be extended to the roof and I’m planning for a layer of exterior insulation to reduce the heat load.

What do you guys think about the opening? Off-center may be strange, but it could make it more functional.

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