Hyundai Motorsport’s Youtube channel just posted an update on the i30 N hatchback. Apparently it still hasnt reached the final tuning stage so it seems Albert Biermann is making the team really sweat the details. The biggest focus of the N Brand is cornering which is a pretty gutsy signature considering the automaker.

Development testing in Korea, performance testing in Germany, winter testing in Sweden, and road testing in the UK all before entering the final tuning stages. That’s five stages of driving development plus two years of entering the Nurburgring 24 Hours with the stock powertrain all for a GTI and FoST competitor that’s not coming to the US (last I heard).

But I will say that Ive noticed Hyundai and Kia have started doing all but the UK road testing for some of their upcoming cars. Most only do the Korea and Sweden testing. More and more are doing Nurburgring development as well. But this is the first vehicle Ive seen do UK road testing before final development which, to me, is the only testing that actually works driver engagement. All the rest are more for design, components, stress, and tuning electronics. No driver connection needed/attempted.

Here’s hoping Biermann is to driving as Schreyer is to design. Good signs so far! Still not coming here as a hatchback, or so they say...