Progress update on the Miata build

So, as promised, here are the pics of yesterday's work. Would have had them up last night, but the ending had me too disgusted to bother.

The EGR solenoid, this little bastard is what has been causing my CEL, well that and the clogged up airways that feed it.


So, after getting the solenoid and airways in the IM cleaned out, I got the engine all buttoned back up with new gaskets for good measure, and things went smoothly till I got to the last bit.....The PCV hose. Stupid thing was old, hard and brittle. So of course it cracked when I tried to put it on.


Fortunately, after poking around on the miata forums, I found that fuel line will work just fine and not collapse under vacuum. So, it was off to the autoparts store after my wife got home so there would be someone there to sign for my shipment from Flyin Miata. A couple bucks in parts later, I had the engine all put back together. However, evidently sitting for as long as it has killed my batt, so the car still didn't start :(

Now, on to the fun stuff.


All miata parts!!!! :D


The cat likes it when I car car parts...he thinks the boxes are all for him.


Better shot sans feline. Inventory of bits in this shot:

1) Hard Dog single diagonal roll bar

2) Flyin Miata front and rear sway bars

3) rear carpet cut for use with the roll bar

4) Toneau cover cut for use with the roll bar

5) Flyin Miata frame rail braces

6) Flyin Miata front strut tower brace

7) 185 width Dunlop Direzza ZII tires

8) Flyin Miata stainless steel cat back exhaust (I'll take some more pics of this tonight, such a pretty piece up close)


9) 13.4lb flywheel and clutch from Flyin Miata

10) Racing Beat adjustable endlinks

11) assorted hardware to install all this stuff

Tonight my header from Racing beat is getting delivered, I also got a full kit from dip your car to spray the miata gloss hunter green, and intake cam from a Mazdaspeed Miata, a new clutch slave cylinder, and a blue tooth head unit and set of 3 way door speakers from Kenwood. This will complete the parts the miata is getting for this year, and honestly is the biggest batch of parts the car is going to get. Plans for next year are a set of single piece bucket seats, & harnesses, maybe a set of speakers installed on the parcel shelf too that match the ones going in the doors. After that it will be time to save for forced induction in the form of a cold side MP62 super charger kit from Fast Forward Superchargers.

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