Work has been done on Project $300. Progress has not been made.

Work done:
- Remove old stereo wiring
- Fix bad ground at L taillight
- Remove remains of alarm system wiring
- Check interior ground points
- Install fresh grounds between battery and car body, battery and engine, and engine and body.
- Get OBD-II connector working, read codes.
- Fix automatic headlamps.

Sometimes it will run just fine. Sometimes it won't start.

Dad's expensive Snap-On code reader pulled no codes from the Engine Control Unit. However, it pulled 3 pages of codes from the Body Control Module.

The vehicle has massive internal electrical system faults. I don't know if it's a bad ground somewhere in the vehicle, wiring shorting out, or what the fuck at this point. What I do know is the previous owner had to have lied through his fucking teeth.