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Project 7.3 update

The death wobble has been fixed. I ended up doing the following:

- New steering box

- New sway bar bushings

- New right side ball joints (left side were replaced recently)

- New stabilizer bar

- New short drag link

Things waiting to be installed:

- I scored seats from an ‘03 truck, and center console from an ‘08. Killer deals on both. They look like new too. Can’t wait to get em installed. The console has 12V ports in it too, so I need to figure out where to get power for them.


- New ‘08-’10 style telescoping tow mirrors off of eBay.

- Picked up an insulator panel from an Excursion. It fits under the glovebox. It was only $30, I figured why not see what it does for noise. Finding the matching driver’s side (goes around the pedals) has proven fruitless.


Issues left to address:

- The entire AC system needs to go as it’s all leaking. I’ll be replacing the condenser, evaporator, accumulator, and both service ports.


- I have a small fuel leak at the switch on the back of the fuel bowl.

- Most of the door seals need to get replaced.

- Headliner needs to get replaced, and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of dirt under there. While I’m doing that I’ll probably end up stripping out the entire interior again and doing the rest of the cab insulation.


- Shocks are seeping. I’m thinking Bilsteins at all four corners. Maybe new leaf springs while I’m at it.

- I really need to get some step-up bars. The girlfriend is short.

Yeah, I’ve been spending a lot of money and time on this thing, but I’m enjoying it, and the fruits of my labor will be well worth it when it’s all done. Modern diesel trucks are crazy powerful and comfortable, but they’re so expensive and I don’t trust all the emissions systems they’re required to use.


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