dual Xeon build just hit a snag.

This was a Dell Dimension 4100. The case is in good physical condition, just very dirty.

I priced out sold listings on eBay. After refurbishing the Dimension’s parts, selling them (separately), and selling that iMac G3, I’ll profit on this build before I even boot Windows.

Only small problem...The drive cages interfere with the server board. Crap.


Well, I expected some case modding, time to get to it! Off with the front panel!


Eww...Clean the dust before moving further!!

Off with the drive cage!


Now, per my measurements I could now fit the board in. I gave it a try. Nope.

Uh...okay, so I guess that riveted metal flap now has to go?


There we go. Now, I’ll have to clean up that bent up metal later, but at least the board does fit now. In fact, it perfectly lines up with the rear IO slot in this case.

I’ll get a blank for the lower expansion bay and a USB hub (painted, of course) for the upper expansion bay. I’d get a disc drive that looks the part, but I don’t know how to secure it without a drive cage.


The good news is that after close examination, I think this case can be sufficient for air cooling now that I’ve opened it up a lot. The front panel actually has decent ventilation and due to the position of the PCI on the server board, I can use the rear PCI expansion slots as an additional vent.

This may have saved me from having to build my own imitation external-mount CPU AIO cooler, as fun as that would have been.

The seatbelt sign is still illuminated, hold on tight.