(Update!) Project Architect: "Hey Bman76, have you seen (annoying coworker)?"

Me:”Hmm... No...”

Apparently he packed up his stuff over lunch and left...


without telling any of the project team...



A couple weeks ago he told me he wanted to become an inventor. Also, he’d been complaining about not getting to design things on his own to several coworkers. All of which told him that that was due to the fact that he’s a draftsman with an associates degree from a tech school and not an Architect with a Masters degree.

To top it all off, I wasted spent an hour this morning teaching him how to manipulate pdfs.


One of our VPs came down to my area and was showing his phone to some other VPs kinda laughing saying something about “we gave him 48hrs”.


Fast forward 4 hours: (after a lunch with Jake) I came back to the office to find annoying coworker sitting at his desk, trying to start conversations with coworkers...

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Sweet Impala SS action for your time. I’d love to have one with a turbo LS swap

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