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Project Beetle - The unwanted light on the tree.

Having a project car is a wonderful and fun thing to have. Especially when you’ve spent good amount of time tracing all the gremlins and think you’ve gotten any possible issues buttoned up. Then out of no where a very unwanted light appears on the dashboard tree of lights that should be off. This unwanted light for me on the tree would be the Airbag light!

This morning while rushing to take the kids to the bus stop I was greeted with a frozen windshield and no deicing fluid. So I scraped it quickly and rushed to the bus stop. There were no lights on that I noticed along our short drive so after they got on the bus I hopped out to put some deicing fluid in the reservoir but when I opened the hood I was greeted with a loud snapping noise which would be the main washer fluid hose line snapping. So no washer fluid for me! But when I got back in the car I was greeted with the unwanted Airbag light. Why can’t that damn guy holding a beach ball in the drivers seat just go home!


So I pulled out my bluetooth ODB2 reader from my purse and fired up the Tourqe app on my phone. It found no codes. It took me a few minutes to remember that VW doesn’t store most codes for Airbags on the ECU because they require a VAG-COM tool to read them from the Airbag module. At that moment I also realized that I gave my VAG-COM cable away to a now former friend 7 years ago.

So until the Amazon gods deliver me a new VAG-COM cable the unwanted light on the tree will remain!

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Photo: Why must you be on! Curse you!

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