I got bored so I started looking for something to do. I noticed that my grill was cracked in a few spots so I decided to take it off and refurbish it.

I tried my best on here but the plastic is so incredibly brittle after beeing in the sun for 30 years.

The bracket on the driver side was also broken so I made a new one


It took way more paint than I planned. It took me almost 2 cans of paint to get everything covered properly.

first coat


second coat

third coat


fourth coat. I actually went pretty heavy on this one since I was surprised that after 4 coats I still didn’t have full coverage.

Since I went so heavy on the last coat I decided to leave it over night to cure.


So first thing this morning I wake up to put it back together.

I’m surprised how easy it is to assemble or remove this grill. 7 fully accessible screws holding the grill and 4 screws on each headlight bezel. The only trick is you have to remove the bezels first to access the 2 bottom screws on the grill.

It took a MAX of 10 mins to remove everything





Next will be painting the mirrors.