I watched the first episode a few months ago at a time of year where I have to decide between sleep and having any free time to do anything for myself. So I went “eh” and forgot about it. Maybe it was the simplistic format? Maybe I just really wanted to sleep instead of doing literally anything?

photo credit: well, duh

Recently I decided to try watching again with a better mind set (and some free time) and wow. This project is just incredible to watch come together. I can’t f**king STAND stupid “reality” shows about car restoration or anything of the sort. They’re broken down like this:

30 minute time slot

  • 20 minutes of actual show-on-air time
  • 10 minutes of soul-sucking commercials
  • 8 minutes of banter/arguments/drama between characters on the show
  • 5 minutes of they only have x days / hours / seconds left to get this done. Will they make it??
  • 5 minutes of replaying what happened just before the break
  • 2 minutes of actual car building content, most of which is hacked together anyway because arbitrary deadline!!!


By contrast, Project Binky is more like this:

It’s youtube, so the episodes are... 15-20 minutes? Whatever

  • 13-18 minutes of actual building things, correctly, with explanations and incredible thoroughness and detail
  • 45 seconds of using an angle grinder
  • 45 seconds of welding
  • 2 minutes of drinking tea and “thinking”
  • plenty of British humour

I’m only on episode 7 (?) but man, where have I been. It’s so satisfying to watch.