A friend of mine and I share a project E24. It's a 1985 Alpinweiss car, 5-speed, North American model, and with a legit 101k on the clock. It was very abused when we got it (we traded our old W124 wagon for it, a car which I greatly regret selling), and has since received a full suspension refresh (tie rods, struts, H&R springs) in lieu of the blown struts and cut springs of the previous owner. It has also had its trim cleansed of spray paint and some body damage repaired. However, it's mechanically solid (barring some worn shifter linkage). But now we face a decision.

Paint for the car is projected to cost $2-3k, not including the complete prep work (dent repair, sanding, and general repair) we've already done - a cost that is thoroughly prohibitive, as we want to make our money back and move on to other cars - and this was a quote we were not prepared to here (I know - next time...). We have some money invested in the car, and are hoping to make it back, so our options are:


-Plastidip and reassemble the car with a motif (thinking WWII olive drab and white stars)

-Cut our losses and sell now

What say you Oppo? The car is pictured above.