So I promised to update and tell you guys some details about my work thus far. It’s just a tad bit frustrating.

Good news first: Stuff I got in.

2.5 inch dual crossflow exhaust with race pro mufflers.


Problem being it is in this big ass box on my back porch and mommy dearest ain’t too happy.

So my project isn’t screwing me in the normal way (wherin my motor blows up and I cry by the side of the road) it is screwing me in a million smaller, less predictable ways.


Due to the nature of my exhaust manifolds, (two different flanges) I believed that either I would need to buy two sets of downpipes, or just say to hell with it and buy headers (that I wanted anyway). It wasnt until later that I found out that I could in fact buy a set with two different bolt patterns, and how much work painted headers would be.


Progress after 3 hours with paint stripper and a wire wheel. Haven’t even started on the other one. So, instead, I decided, Hey lets get it sandblasted!

Only place nearby isn’t sandblasting anymore. I am going to have to drive to the other side of the city, because apparently nobody freaking media blasts in pittsburgh.


Simultaneously rebuilding my carburetor for the first time. I need to get my head examined. I now have to make two custom tools out of old bolts for these two freaking gems:


Plus side, the carb looks pretty good. Probably going to skip a few steps. Downside, the freaking linkages can bite my ass. It continues!

A simple parking brake cable replacement has turned into a multi week project, what with needing an additional cable (OER fucked it up), needing a special rust resistant 9/16-18 fine pitch thread nut and lock washers because they weren’t included (seriously OER is terrible) which led me to 3 separate shopping trips to fastener supply stores in the middle of nowhere.


Still to do before I can get the thing inspected:

-replace fusible link to headlights

-remove passenger fenderwell to access and replace heater blower motor

-paint and cure headers

-unbolt motor mounts, jack up engine so I can install said headers.

-install full dual exhaust system

-fiberglass floorpan and trunk

-finish installing parking brake cable

-diagnose/lubricate wiper motor

-new tires

-finish carburetor and wire new electric choke

I don’t think its going to be done before June guys :’(