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Project car tragedy

My bird IS the word’s post just reminded me about this. I was driving home from work last week and while waiting at a stop light a truck trailering a late 70s project Trans Am (similar to the one below but more rust and less doors) turns left to the direction I am headed and the rear window comes flying off the car as he turns and shatters everywhere.

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Photo: GIS

I actually waited with my flashers and had to move over a lane to not run over all the glass as it shattered in the lane I was waiting in. Had it not been pouring I would have stopped with my car blocking the lane to try and clean some of it off the road. I wanted to at least let him know since he was probably oblivious, but got caught at the next light and lost where we went to. So dude who bought or was moving a project car and got home to find a missing rear window, I hope you didn’t need that. Or worse, I hope you didn’t buy the car specifically for the window. I assume those curved glass windows are not cheap.

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