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Project CARS

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So I went in to GameStop today to trade GTA 5 and NHL15 for Forza Horizon 2, both great games but I hardly ever touch my Xbox One any more for anything other than Netflix so I figured a new game may help lure me back in to playing video games. The girl at the counter told me she had one last copy of another racing game that had recently come out so I figured, for the 3$ extra I was going to pay with the trades, I’d go for Project CARS.


I can’t remember if any of you play it regularly or not, so I just thought I’d ask.

I tried starting out with the 250cc Superkarts. That made me almost return the game within 30 minutes of ownership. Twitchy is the best word to describe that frustrating experience. I’m sure having a steering wheel or messing with the settings helps a lot, however.


Anyways, I just started a F1000 series and was instantly rewarded. My goodness this game is incredible. The audio/visuals are spectacular and the driving dynamics are awesome.

What are y’alls opinions of the online play?

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