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Project Cars Thoughts

So, I was going to write up a full review of the game for Hooniverse, but someone else ended up doing it and did one of the better versions of the game. But I did want to collect some thoughts on the game here.

Now, these are all about the Xbox One version of the game. I have no experience with the PC or PS4 versions.

The one thing that immediately took me were the visuals, which look frankly better than any other racing game out there right now. That and the frame rate was consistent, except the game seemed to slow down in a weird way after heavy braking and then getting back on the gas. Like the game had to think about what speed it needed to show. It is definitely a better racing sim than Forza 5 was, but with a gamepad, it was almost impossible to turn any of the more hardcore options on. Even with the Xbox One’s force feedback triggers it was almost impossible to sense when the car was going to let go or hook up. The game is definitely catered to being a sim.


The lack of street cars is testament to that fact. It’s pretty much all race cars all the time. But on the flip side, there is a ton of motorsports options, again, showing that it has a much different focus than Microsoft’s in-house racer. The most notable absences in the car lineup are the Ferrari’s and Porsches of the world. And while it does have “F1” it didn’t get the license for the series, so it has a few fakers. Which are fine, and let you map DRS and KERS to buttons, allowing for their manual deployment. Getting to blast around the ring in a McLaren GT3 car was probably the most fun I had with the game. But, that only lasted a few hours.

I found myself, after dealing with the terrible karting physics, insane sim options that have no good middle ground, and a completely unforgiving “No rewind, no restart” system going back to Forza 5 if I wanted to lap something around a track. For my taste, Project cars is a good Sim, but not a good game. If you want a game, go back to Forza, or maybe even pickup Forza Horizon 2 if you want the best arcady racer on the new console. If you want something super hardcore to use your new racing wheel with, pickup Project CARS.

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