Project Colony Park gets new shoes.

Bought new tires for the wagon as the fronts were dry rotted and the rears were flat spotted. Turns out my used tires from last fall (which looked fine) were borderline. These are no-name Chinese tires, but for $300 they will work until I decide what I’m finally doing. One of the Ranger/P71 hubcaps broke two tabs when they did the tires, so I’m on the hunt for another. 

No filter on this, this is just the result of my phone attempting to take late night pics

The “new” tailgate I installed is now all working. Window goes up & down, and tailgate folds down for the first time since I bought the car over a year ago. One latch for that is really stiff, so you have to yank it violently to fold it down. Hopefully actual use and continued grease application will make it work better. The only hassle is that I saved the tailgate cable from the donor wagon because the original was rusted and snapped. Well folding the tailgate down for the first time, that cable snapped as well. Nobody makes the tailgate cable, so I’ll have to find another solution there.


With that tailgate, and a used tailgate gasket from the junkyard that is less dried out (again, no one makes the part anymore), there is no longer a water leak at the tailgate. Now I just need a new windshield, and the cabin will be watertight, which will allow me to fix issues around the carpets, padding, & floor rust.

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