What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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After a lot of work today, the wagon is to the point where it can be properly driven (as opposed to just on/off the trailer while running off a borrowed battery).


Took it for a spin around the neighborhood. It was bucking when pulling away from a stop, but topping off the tank of year+ old gas with 93 octane seems to have fixed it.

It drives like everything is connected to you via marshmallows. It is hilarious. Suspension is so soft that if you turn the wheel hard while driving you can feel the while car sort of heel over like a ship in strong winds. The brakes feel like stepping on a block of foam, and if you brake hard the nose of the car dives so hard you expect to hear the front bumper scrape on the ground.


It is more like you are a captain issuing orders (hard to port! More speed!) Than the person doing the actions, the “Colony Ship” name may be more appropriate than I thought.. It isn’t scary, more that “luxury” used to mean “isolate you from this tedious driving experience as much as possible.”

Unfortunately junkyard alternator was a total fail. After replacing the defective voltage regulator in it, after a few minutes running the engine one of the alternator bearings started growling. So I need to figure out if any other car in their yard has a compatible alternator to swap it for, or return it and get a rebuilt one.


Things still need to be dealt with:

-Alternator growl.

-Short in mirror/lock/interior light circuit.

-re-glue inside rearview mirror that I knocked off with my head.

-Get tailgate window to properly go up & down.

-Replace burned out turn signal bulb.

-Rust repair.

Things I want to deal with with:

-Fix/Replace LR door window mirror

-Replace LF lock actuator

So lets tally up my costs so far:

$500 - Car

$150 - Uhaul truck/trailer rental to retrieve it

$110 - junkyard parts

$20 - mirror glue, battery cable & end

$25 - voltage regulator

Total cost: $805.

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