Project Colony Ship gets some upgrades.

Was too exhausted today to deal with another round of brake bleeding, so I installed some stuff off the donor wagon.

First off was the roof rack, mostly so it didn’t hang around the garage and get accidentally damaged.


It is obvious why this went on. I disassembled and stored the old one so when I get all the way down to “make aluminum trim shiny” on the list of stuff this thing needs, I’ll be able to chose the best crossbars & feet from the two to shine up and use.

I then swapped the busted and ugly “trip computer” for a fancy “Quartz” analog clock, which goes better with the fake wood & blue vinyl 70s era dash.


I also managed to get the washer pump working. But cleaning contacts and properly fitting connectors wasn’t worth photographing. Pics of the finished swaps will happen next time I’m around this thing in the daylight.

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