I figured I should probably update on my corvette project, since it has been a while. I tracked down some correct era-looking brake pads for the rear wheel (front brakes were still good, rears were not) only to discover that the brake caliper doesn’t seem to be aligned properly. I’m literally a newbie in bike maintenance and repair, so I’m actually having a lot of fun learning new stuff and understanding how everything operates.

My new handle grips came in the mail yesterday, they aren’t technically Schwinn brand but they look the part and is a throwback to the stock handle grips. I love the Corvette stock look.


Also added a front reflector but I’m debating if I like it or not since it looks too modern on it....

I’ve been repairing/fixing up this bike, the Schwinn ‘84 Crusier 5 I also have, and my wife’s mountain bike. There were a few other bikes, but they don’t have top priority. And my wife’s bike is a doozy. It’s a Roadmaster with 10+ speeds; with 3 sprockets by the pedals (called a chainring apparently?) and 5 or so sprockets at the rear (called a cogset?). I’m still learning as I go, but it’s pretty straightforward mechanics on how they operate.


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