I bought something that I have kept secret for about a week. I was waiting until I had everything registered and inspected. It passed inspection on Sunday so now I feel it is time to unveil project crazy horse.

(Pic is from the ad, I haven’t had time to take real photos of my own yet. It’s usually pitch black by the time I get home.)


It is a 1989 Ford Mustang. I am starting with a good foundation but it definitely needs some help. Slowly but surely I’ll be modifying the car and turning into the monster it was meant to be.

I have broken down my plans into a few stages to keep my focus on one aspect of the car at a time.

First is paint. It doesn’t need to look pretty but it needs to be protected from the elements and the current paint isn’t doing the car any favors.

Second on the list is focusing on the front end. I am planning to swap over to a manual rack, electric fans and upgrading the alternator and associated wiring.


Third is suspension. I know that the struts are tired so they need to be replaced and while I am at it I am planning to go through the rest and replace and upgrade as needed.

Fourth will be chassis work. The car itself is pretty straight but seeing how the car is pretty much 30 years old I am not taking any chances. This means a pretty substantial roll cage and subframe connectors will be in store.


Fifth, interior modification. A lot of the trim in the car is kind of junked so what isn’t needed is being stripped or streamlined so only the essentials are present.

Sixth, this is where I start getting to my end game. I would like to eventually get around to a 5 lug swap. This would in turn dictate the steelies, tires and brakes I would get.


Seventh, the last step of the car would be the engine. I want a healthy boost but nothing crazy. My sweet spot would be around 300~350 HP and 400+ ft.lbs.

All in all it’s a lot of work but I am determined to see it through to complete one of my forever cars. It is time to let crazy horse out of the stables...

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