It’s setting in. After Christmas I’m ordering a front disc conversion for the Camaro. Well, while I’m doing that, maybe I should look at the power steering pump, since it doesn’t leak but seems to run through fluid really badly.

Then after that, I’ve got to yank the valve covers and see if there’s a loose rocker arm, or if I’m going to have to do a cam swap. Well, if I have to do a cam swap, I’ve been dreaming of a PerTronix stock look distributor....

On to the interior;

I still want to put a pair of speakers in it, and I have to fix the driver’s window crank. I also want to have the Sun Blue Line temp gauge I have sitting in my toolbox converted to mechanical so I can put it in the car to match the tach and oil pressure gauges. Speaking of the tach, it doesn’t read properly, so I have to address that as well....

I’d also like to pull the traction bars off and paint them yellow, which they originally were (Lakewoods. Previous owner confirmed they were yellow.) and replace the 396 badges with 454 badges.

Is this how it begins?

Oh, and I think I’ve found a name for it. Molly. As in Molly Hatchet. Because I’m Flirting With Disaster every time I go out in it.