This car is too quiet and the exhaust is leaking everywhere so I decided to take care of that problem once and for all.

2-1/4" Purple Hornies Glassback. I'm normally a Cherry bomb man but I think they went out of business.

I must of spend tow and a half hours trying to remove this damn muffler. How I don't know but the Previous owner managed to get a muffler that is 2" od that is supposed to slide inside a 2-1/4" pipe on the outside of the 2-1/4" pipe the damn thing was on there good.



At first I was trying to salvage a small section of the tail pipe so that I could dump the exhaust just behind the axle.


But it was way too far gone to do that.


I finally got pissed off enough to whip out the sawzall chop of the pipe and stick the muffler on there. I made a little dump pipe with an elbow off the old tail pipe. I will eventually get this to a muffler shop and get a tail pipe made up to dump just in front of the axle and get a proper exhaust hanger on there.


Car And Parts:

-Car Purchase: $1500.00

-Reflex Hybrid Wiper blades: $19.98

-Esso XD-3 10W30 Oil: FREE

- 2-1/4" Purple Hornies Glasspack $32.99

- 2x 2-1/4" Exhaust Clamps $6.98

Total for car & parts: $1559.95

Tools bought for project:

-3.5 ton Axle stands $27.99

-12,000 lbs ramps $59.99

-8 Ton Bottle Jack $29.99

-2 x Military Style Jerry Cans $39.98

-Flo n'Go hand operated Gas Pump $29.99

-Skill 5.5" Angle Grinder $39.99

-Steel and brass wire wheel set for grinder $24.99

-Sawzall metal cutting blades $11.99

-Mastercraft Premium 1/2" drive torque wrench $80.00

Total for tools: $344.91

Grand Total to date: $1904.86