I was working on the car tonight and a gave a slightly persuasive tap on the drum with a hammer and I heard a loud bang. Next think I know I could smell gas. Looks like the vibrations finally made the 36 year old rust break.

Off to Canadian Tire I go to get something to drain the tank with in a hurry because I don't want to wake up with the house on fire. I was gonna buy normal gas cans but I saw these military style ones and could not resist. Less practical for what I'm doing but they have the same capacity and were the same price $19.99/each.


Next I need something to actually do the draining with. Yes I could of got a $2 piece of hose and siphoned it by mouth. But I'm slightly more sophisticated than that so I got a Flo n'go hand operated gas pump $29.99.


Now it's time to drain I had just put in $30.00 the last time I drove it so that means I had about 40 litres I needed to drain.


Car And Parts:

-Car Purchase: $1500.00

-Reflex Hybrid Wiper blades: $19.98

-Esso XD-3 10W30 Oil: FREE

Tools bought for project:

-3.5 ton Axle stands $27.99

-12,000 lbs ramps $59.99

-8 Ton Bottle Jack $29.99

-2 x Military Style Jerry Cans $39.98

-Flo n'Go hand operated Gas Pump $29.99

Total to date: $1707.92