One of my neighbors found out I was repairing a ‘59 Schwinn Corvette and reached out to say they had an women’s Schwinn up for grabs. I said yes without much thought, and what they had surprised me.

I was admittedly expecting a newer Schwinn bike, but this is a vintage one as well; a Schwinn Cruiser 5. Though there is a bit of mystery to this bike. Firstly, the left dropout (which is apparently what the part is called where the rear wheel attaches) says ‘4346289' which says is a ‘57 Schwinn... which doesn’t sound right. Looking at breakdowns of other vintage Schwinn serial numbers from this era, they tend to start with letters to denote the month, not a number.


Checking the right dropout, I see another serial stamped ‘G1284'... which correlates to the serial number from Giant Bicycle in Taiwan, who Schwinn outsourced to in the earlier ‘80s to meet demand. Checking the emblem on the seat tube seems to corroborates this with “Made[scratched-off]WAN”. The Taiwan Schwinn’s seem to have the serial number G[MM][YY], so this one was stamped in December of 1984. It took a lot of digging to just find out this much, since I’m guessing the Taiwan bikes aren’t that well documented.


Looking at catalogs from ‘84 deepens the mystery because the Crusier was not offered in blue, only red or black. Perhaps it’s like cars? Where the model year is released the year previous? (like a ‘07 car made in ‘06). The ‘83 catalog does have a blue color offering.


Regardless, it seems to be a ‘80s built bike. Which I fully intend to fix up for the Missus. Despite its age, it seems to be well-taken care of, and in great condition. I even think the whitewall tires are the originals.

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