Well Jalops, Datsun rebuild has commenced.

Two weeks ago the clutch master cylinder failed so I decided to put it up for the winter. This weekend was really nice out so I though I might swap the clutch master and get one last drive in. The hydraulic line bolt at the cylinder decided otherwise for me. PB Blaster didn't even help!

I decided to go ahead with other repairs. It has been very interesting so far. Over the summer I worked on getting parts of the interior fixed and replaced back to original spec. Original radio (thanks to Slave2anMG), fixed the clock, fix map light, replace aerial switch, replace center console etc. The plans for this winter were to fix a few rust spots I knew about and possibly rebuild the motor. The motor is actually in rather good condition, I just want more power.


Last weekend I started taking everything out of the inside. Low and behold... I found rust in the floorboards! Who would have believed it!

The passenger side isn't too bad really. Only two holes.

I have two places in the inner fender at the front that were rusty so I pulled the passenger fender today since it was the more mild side.


HA, HA! Mild. Ahahahahahahahahahaha... ohhh hee hee.

Now I'm a little spooked to remove the drivers side. I also found bondo up by the windscreen. This is going to be fun! By the way, in the middle picture bottom left, that's a pile of rust...

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