Project Death Car is Complete!

Two weeks ago I bought a bone stock Ford Festiva and as of today it’s a completely different car!

Last night I used a Sawzall for the first time, it was FUN!!!! No more rubbing on the tires!


I also managed to do some cable management for my LEDs, installed those offroad lights, wired up my CB, and found a workaround for the fact that I can only fill the tank halfway at a time.

For a license plate light? I found one of the pods I was going to use on the Chuckus project, then wired it to the taillights. Using the tape I acquired this morning I will reduce the LED count down to two.

The light bars on the bonnet are pretty bright, too.


I did fail at making a flight stick gear shift in time, but it’ll find its way onto my transmission at some point during the weekend. To compliment my RGB lighting, I picked up a cheap FM transmitter. I guess the tech of these things is far better nowadays because the one I bought has no static at all! I can make the RGBs react to my music! The speakers in this car actually have some decent bass!


In the roof rack I have a steel jerry can (empty, only for looks) and the two rear tires as emergency spares

For sleeping I have a giant car cover that will cover the whole car, I will then bundle up in a massive winter coat and two big blankets/comforters. I hope to not need the propane heater but it’s there should I need it.


I won’t have a copilot like I was supposed to, so thankfully I also won’t need to use both of my seat heater things at the same time.

As for cops? Well I’m not sure. I have passed by cops numerous times and nothing has happened. Hope it stays like that. lol


Most people love the car. I’ve gotten more pictures in this thing in two days than I’ve gotten the entire time I’ve owned Tucker. The exception to this rule is an older gentleman who assumed I was homeless this morning. Uh...right.

Apparently the weather at the Southern Indiana Gambler 500 this weekend includes tons of rain...Saturday’s forecast calls for 100% chance of rain with 2 inches of rainfall expected. Rip.


Fantastic, Mercedes. You chose to build a go kart at the absolute worst possible time.

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