As fun as it sounds to start work on the new project, the annual gathering of Saab weirdos in southern Oklahoma is in exactly 10 days and Project Dumpster Fire needs some love. Here is an accounting of everything I need and want to do to it. Think I can make it in time?


Ok the only problem that really needs to be worked through is the Saab’s lack of heat. Specifically, the heater control valve is currently bypassed. This is because Pro Parts Sweden apparently can’t make one to save their lives had a year long production quality problem, causing my two replacement valves to start leaking shortly after install.


The problem here is I waited too long to return my 2nd failed valve, and it is no longer under warranty. I could prevail upon the vendor to cut me some slack, and they... might, but then I would be rolling the dice on another PPS valve. Allegedly all the quality issues have been resolved.

The alternative is to swap in my spare valve, which was leaking from an unspecified place. I “rebuilt” is myself and it appears not to be leaking, but then I’m putting in an untested valve and hoping for the best.

Either way, the heater valve needs to be replaced, which involves partially disassembling the interior which will also give me a chance to:

  • Adjust the brake light switch
  • Lube the brake pedal return (it squeaks)
  • Reset the O2 sensor light
  • Clean up my extra gauge wiring

The other big “need” is the gas tank. It leaks. Oh my god does it leak. The last time I drove it I filled up. About halfway home I noticed the freeway was moving the wrong direction and that seemed... pretty groovy. Like... this is fun...


So I drove the rest of the way with all the windows down and didn’t die... which is... :looks up in manual: Good.

Plan is to try the smoke test thingy on the tank and see if I can identify the leak. my guess is a loose hose clamp or perished gasket. Hopefully whatever it is I can fix it without dropping the tank.


Other than that, the battery needs a new tie down (or... one at all really) and I need to see about servicing the distributor to clean all the oil out of it.

Nice to have

Right now the interior of the Saab is a damn mess. Shop rags, garbage, parts and tools litter the floor boards. The trunk is even worse thanks to frequent fuel pump problems. To add insult to injury some asshole (this asshole, to be specific) has been getting in the car with greasy pants and hands, therefore there are tiny spots of grease on almost every fabric. The plan is to tidy the interior and then hit it with the carpet cleaner this weekend.


The rear speakers are cutting in and out, so I need to figure out what electrical madness that is. Also the radio face-plate is having... issues, unrelated. It is a good radio, but I am tempted to buy something cooler and less sensible and throw it in there. Probably not...


Social Stuff

As detailed last year, this drive was a lot of fun due in no small part to the great group of people that attended the event and helped the ailing Dumpster Fire.


To commemorate this, I am wanting to make a series of give away stuff for people. Mostly I’m thinking Project Dumpster Fire stickers and flasks. My plan is/was to make a logo for this, with a cheerful cartoon dumpster fire, but my artist fell through and, so far, I couldn’t be bothered. I’ll get something out though, even if it is just text based.

Update: Since I wrote this I managed to bang something out. I don’t love it, but I also don’t hate it.


Tick Tock

So yeah... not a huge list for 10 days, though Halloween and contractors (still) working on the bathroom is going to make this more interesting.

  1. Leak test and repair gas tank
  2. Replace Heater Control Valve and associated madness
  3. Clean interior
  4. Fix radio
  5. Make flasks, etc

Should be manageable. Maybe I’ll get to sneak some work on the Honda in there...

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