I haven’t posted as per Project Dumpster Fire’s status in a while. To be honest, not much has changed, but in a way that is a good thing. Also I haven’t taken many pictures so this post will be mostly dog pictures. I don’t think anyone will complain.

At last writing, I’d corrected the air-fuel ratio, but still needed to replace the fuel pumps and a few other things.

A few weekends ago I popped in a new feed pump after confirming the old one was dead. At the same time I also popped in a hot start relay to hopefully prevent having to replace the intermittent starter.


Unfortunately, when installing the hot start relay I knocked a wire off the starter, or at least something in the area of the starter, and could not figure out where the damn thing went. Clearly I had connected it in the past as it had a new crimp terminal on it in the style that I use, but I didn’t have any documentation on where it went.

Rather than hopping on the internet and asking the Saab community, I figured I’d consult the variety of service manuals I own for this vehicle and see what they say.


Nothing. They say nothing.

The starter wiring section only shows two wires going to the starter, both of which are accounted for. It does acknowledge there is another terminal, but doesn’t show anything connected to it.



Long story short (too late) you have to know what is attached to that terminal in order to know what is attached to that terminal. :facepalm:

If you know the connection is for the cold start injector, you can look up the cold start injector wiring and see it there. If you don’t well... fuck you I guess?


Ok, so that connected and the fuel pumps replaced and the little dumpster fire is running pretty well.

...except the idle is still hunting.

Unplugging the O2 sensor fixes this, so... I guess I’ll replace that (again) and see if the problem clears up. They’re only like $14 and access couldn’t be better.



I started yet another rebuild of my DDR pads. If anyone knows a good PS2 controller breakout/ DIY kit lemme know, because these hacked together electronics are getting worse and worse. I’ve owned one pad for almost 20 years (OMG wut) and it has been rebuilt more times than I can remember at this point.