IT LIVES! The Dumpster Fire lives! Turns out, for once, it was the problem I suspected: the feed pump needed to be replaced. Usually when it comes down to “it has to be X” I’m wrong... so that is a good feeling.

The process wasn’t without some heartbreak. The supply/ feed pump I ordered came with a bunch of fittings and clamps and stuff, all of which turned out not to be needed. Also the strainer I bought is no longer used after a rertrofit by Saab. Also also the one piece I did need, a new o-ring, wasn’t supplied with the kit. And the main fuel pump fitting is leaking again, which is just its way of asking for new copper washers.

The first trial after re-install didn’t go great, if I’m honest. I got in the car, turned the key, and it wouldn’t fire up. Looked at my fuel pressure gauge and it read 0. Nothing. Zip.


Oh hey, fuel pumps work better when you actually have the relay installed. Oops.

Cranked and still nothing. Fuel pressure 0.


Oh hey, the fuel system works better when it is connected. I’d left my pressure gauge in the setup to test flow. So my engine got a good dousing in gasoline and I got a lesson in remembering to check the engine bay before starting.


Cranked and STARTED.

No one was home, so I had to call over the doggo to do a little dance with me.

It was a good day.