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Project Dumpster Fire - End Game

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I’ve been a little slow on the updates not because nothing is being done, it just isn’t very exciting. Time for a list, I suppose.


Since my last Dumpster Fire update the following has been done:

  • Fixed windshield wipers
  • Fixed windshield sprayers
  • Fixed loose alternator connection
  • Fixed gas tank leaks (2x)
  • Replaced the Oxygen sensor
  • Changed engine oil
  • Changed transmission oil
  • Re-aligned shift linkage (3x) (no effect)
  • Cleaned injectors
  • Installed oil pressure sender (gauge)
  • Repaired driver’s seat (seat base replacement)
  • Got a tetanus booster (see above)
  • Installed new tires
  • Replaced a lot of bulbs
  • Fixed the sunroof
  • Fixed two interior lights
  • Adjusted brake light switch (Brake lights turn off now)
  • Installed new battery tie down

All in all, we’re in pretty good shape. What I haven’t mentioned, for fear of jinxing it, is my plan is to drive this thing on the annual Saab Club of Oklahoma Talimena scenic byway drive this Saturday. The drive is approximately 400 miles, round trip.

Illustration for article titled Project Dumpster Fire - End Game

Yes, all of this in a car that has no fifth gear and hasn’t been on the road in a very long time.

At least there will be other Saab people! Looks like around 40 people expected.

Wish me luck!

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