This weekend was a pretty big one for the Saab. For the first time in 13 years, the Saab visited a gas station. It did not go well.

The way to the gas station was plagued by engine that really didn’t want to rev. Not sure why, but it just wasn’t having it. Also, the gear shift was like stirring a pot of soup and the sunroof was leaking onto my left shoulder. Oh… and the wipers had two settings: “On” or “Fuse pulled”.


Gassing up also didn’t go well. After the pump hit 14 gallons I became suspicious. I popped the trunk and, against all odds, it was dry. “Weird,” I thought, “maybe the tank is bigger than I remember?”

It was not.


Not sure where the leak is coming from but there was an alarming amount of gas coming out.

I left quickly.

The drive back also didn’t go well. As gas fumes started to build in the cabin, the windshield started to fog, and I became impatient with the sluggish engine I decided to give it some revs.


The intake hose immediately ejected from the throttle body and the car died.


Despite all this, the drive was encouraging. The steering and brakes worked well and despite the lack of power it did get there and back by itself. There are many things left to check, maintain, tweak, investigate, tighten, and generally fix but… we’re getting there.