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Project Dumpster Fire - On the Road Again

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I’m a little behind on my road-worthiness updates, so forgive me if this seems sudden.


I drove the Saab to work today.

On the highway.

With 13 year old tires.

And an almost completely unknown everything.

The drive itself went pretty well. Getting up to highway speed was surprisingly effortless (these things really do have a great command of the road) and before I knew it I was in the middle lane passing people.


Then the shakes started. Turns out while my no-name, ancient rubber still holds air, I’m going to bet sitting for that long does some odd stuff to the balance. Anything over about 60 causes an alarming amount of shaking.

But that’s OK! The speed limit was 60 and I probably belong in the slow lane anyway. New tires will be here tomorrow. Now where is fifth?


Fifth gear? Anyone? Maybe if I... no...

Yeah ok apparently I’ve lost 5th. BUT THAT’S OK! Cars did fine with just four gears for a long time. (Looks like it is commonly a sheared pin in the linkage or an adjustment issue. Putting it on the list.)


So, in summary, the good:

  • Made it
  • Excellent road manners under 60MPH
  • Brakes, clutch, and steering are good
  • Radio works!

The Bad:

  • Fuel fumes from the tank leak get quite strong
  • Sloshing in the take causes fuel to slosh out while driving
  • 5th gear is AWOL
  • O2 sensor needs replaced
  • LEDs cause the turn signals to blink too fast
  • Driver’s seat is collapsed
  • Clock is wrong

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