It's on the ground! It moves! Nothing fell apart! The ride is almost like stock, as far as I can tell from the short distance that I drove it. There wasn't much left to do today. Bled brakes, rolled fenders, and fitted dumps to my exhaust.

This side rolled pretty easily, but the other side was a pain in the ass. The inner fender didn't line up nicely with the outer fender, which makes it nearly impossible to roll.


I need to clean my wheels at some point. But that caliper looks good back there. It will take some adjustment to get the brake balance right, since these calipers are pretty big, and the rotors are about 1/2" bigger than the fronts.

Didn't take any pics or video of what my car sounds like with straight pipes, but they'll be coming soon enough. But first, I have to pack up the motorhome, get a tow dolly, and get on the road back to Washington. After that, I'll see about an exhaust system so I can actually drive around without getting a splitting headache or pulled over.