Suspension is together, and the brakes are very nearly done. Just have the chassis to axle hose to finish fabricating, and tightening down the parking brake cables. Suspension still needs torquing and aligning, and the exhaust still needs dumps. Oh, and I apparently need another prop valve, since mine is sized for drum brakes. I hope it doesn't delay things much longer.


Installation was pretty straight forward. This monstrosity goes in place of the stock brake brackets, and holds the caliper. It does require removing the axles, but that only took 10 minutes or so. Pop cover, remove the retaining pin's retaining pin, remove retaining pin, drop the C-clips out, slide out axles.

Bolt it in place, then install the axles. Just make sure you torque them to spec WITH LOCTITE before reinstalling the axles. Like I totally did. Yep. I definitely followed the instructions.

Fine. I didn't follow the instructions. I found them after I put the axles back. Then they came out, everything got torqued, and they went back in.


Then the calipers go on. I put the pads in while I was shimming the caliper to help me better visualize how centered the rotor was. Once the shims are correct, Loctite and torque those bolts.


And VOILA! You have a beautiful brake system!

Sorry about the lack of updates. I've been waiting for the past 5 days for this brake kit to arrive.