This is about as much forward progress as I've made today. When this picture was taken, everything was together and complete, although the brakes had yet to be bled.

So that's what I did. I gotta say, there's no better way to find leaks than by applying a bit of pressure. Tightened down a few fittings, got the air out, but the pedal was still mushy. What the hell, man? I just spent about an hour going around refilling my tiny-ass master cylinder each time I bled because I wasn't paying attention and got air in the lines, and it's STILL mushy!? At that point I noticed a new puddle on the floor directly under the joint between the chassis hard line and the chassis-axle hose. It had spun earlier when I was tightening things down earlier, so maybe it had scored the flare in the hard line and needs a new flare?


I took the joint apart, cut off the flare, and started trying to reflare it. This took much longer than it should have because I didn't know where all the tools were and there were lots of odd bends in the line, etc., etc. So just as I'm about to finish the flare, one of the guys in the shop notices that the fitting that's connecting the hose to the hard line is AN on both sides, NOT SAE Inverted Flare, like you'd normally find. Mind you, this is a fitting that I installed because I was told it was correct. So, now my hard line is 3" shorter, so I need to make a new bracket and I need a new brake hose, so I'm wasting even more time now.

Finished off the day with getting it set up for bleeding first thing in the morning. After that's done, I'll straighten and center the axle using bits of string, then roll the fenders to give at least some tire clearance. After that, it's off to get my mufflers put back on.