Project GR350 Update: Suspension! Assemble!

It's IN! Needs some finishing touches, but it's in! Had to fanagle the coilovers a bit for the new brackets, but it all fit, with some persuasion and shims. What's left is shortening the driveshaft, getting a new transmission mount (it's sagging and reducing clearance between the torque arm mounting bolt and the driveshaft), painting, and changing the axle shafts. Why am I changing the axle shafts?


This is why. I like to actually, you know, like, drive? my car? Apparently, Ford carried over the same housing, unchanged, from the Fox to the SN-95 chassis. The axle shafts on the SN-95s are longer to accommodate ABS rings, which I'm not using. However, the only rear disc brakes that were available for Foxes were the Cobra brakes, and these calipers are incompatible. I'd need different brackets, too. So, instead I'm getting a set of Wilwood disc conversion kits:

Look at how easy those pads are to change! I'm not so sure about the drilled/slotted rotors, but whatever.

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